"The Garden" by H. D.

Please choose one of the stanzas below to interpret, and send an email to request@poetryart.org in order to request it.

Stanza requests will be honored on a first come, first serve basis. Please don't start on a piece without requesting the stanza first! The goal is to combine all of the art into one big piece that represents the poem, and if there are duplicates that doesn't work as well.


You are clear
O rose, cut in rock,
hard as the descent of hail.

I could scrape the colour
from the petals
like spilt dye from a rock.

If I could break you
I could break a tree.

If I could stir
I could break a tree—
I could break you.


O wind, rend open the heat,
cut apart the heat,
rend it to tatters.

Fruit cannot drop
through this thick air—
fruit cannot fall into heat
that presses up and blunts
the points of pears
and rounds the grapes.

Cut the heat—
plough through it,
turning it on either side
of your path.